Types of cycle

Cycling is one of the most versatile sports to indulge in. It can be as intense or calming as you like it to be. There are various types of cycles that cater to different agendas and terrains. Some are built for smooth and consistent long distance cycling experiences while some are built for stunts and ramp coordinate performances. So once you set your agenda, understand the different types of cycles that can give you the best experience.

Parts of cycles

Going into a bike shop to purchase a bike or get a tune up can be bewildering; it’s as if the employees speak a different language. There is a lot of technical jargon in the world of bicycles. Simply knowing the basic part names can help clear the air and even make you feel more confident about riding your bike.


The bicycle is a fascinating machine with many parts – so many, in fact, that a lot people never actually learn the names and just point to an area on their bike when something goes wrong. But whether you’re new to bicycles or not, everyone knows pointing isn’t always the most effective way to communicate.