Mountain Bikes

For a cyclist scaling a peak, it’s trust in his bicycle that makes all the difference! That’s exactly what Firefox Mountain Bikes are designed for. Stable across terrains, their sturdy frames, comfortable suspension, wide tires, and great gear range promise a ride that’s all about the experience!

City Bikes (Hybrid)

The leisure of city riding and the thrill of mountain biking, a Firefox City Bike (Hybrid) aces both. With a wide gear range, light alloy hybrid frames, and easy to adjust QR seats, these bikes are built to survive wherever you go! Ideal for general-purpose riding across terrains, they sure are a winner!

Road Bikes

With a Firefox Road Bike, ride at the speed of wind! Built with lightweight frames and slim tires, these are ideal for smooth, paved roads. So, if you’re out training for speed and efficiency enhancement, or trailing a long-distance route, this is the one companion you can truly depend on!

Women Bikes

When it comes to women’s bikes, Firefox believes in creating a comfort-style fit! Designed with women-centric frames suited for different body types and wider seats offering complete comfort, these bikes are just what a woman needs to explore the paths of adventure!

Electric Bikes

The Firefox battery-operated E-Bikes are a revolution in the cycling space. These bikes enhance ride quality across terrains and distances through different riding models. And the best part? Electric support can be turned on or off as per will. These sure are a precious keep for a true cyclist!

Speciality Bikes

For riders who are all about ‘out-of-the-box’, here are our Speciality Bikes. Conforming to no norm, each bike in this range is unique. From folding bikes, to fat bikes, stunt bikes (BMXs), and fixie bikes, it’s everything that’s not ordinary. So, if you are an experimenter, these bikes are all set!